Mrs. Winner’s Featured in USA Today

Fast Food Fried Chicken Done Right at Mrs. Winner’s
USA Today, June 2015, Larry Olmsted, Author

“The scene: At first glance, Mrs. Winner’s looks like any other roadside fast food franchise, and in the fried chicken realm, could easily be another KFC. You order at a counter, above which is a generic menu sign, and you eat at easy-to-clean synthetic tables or get takeout in paper bags. Behind the counter are baskets of fried chicken ready to be placed into various sizes of boxes with tongs.

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Mrs. Winner’s Has a Strong Comeback in the Southeast

Five Questions With The Guy Who’s Bringing Back Mrs. Winner’s Chicken & Biscuits

Triad Biz Journal, December 2014, James Ritchie, Editor

Q: Why are you bringing back Mrs. Winner’s?

A: There’s a great legacy in this brand. There’s tremendous affection for Mrs. Winner’s in the Southeast. I think it would have faded away if someone hadn’t come along and recognized the value in the brand.

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