Our Story

Meet Mrs. Winner’s

We’re a chain of quick-service restaurants that cook only the best southern food in the southeast.

Our family dinner includes such southern staples as fried chicken, sweet tea, traditional southern sides and the most delicious of biscuits fresh from the oven.

THE BEST NEWS: We’re always looking for friends to come on over!

Now it’s time for you to meet the extended family. We were founded in 1970 by Jack Massey, who set up our home in Atlanta, Georgia. At that time, he called us “Nanny’s.” Like any new family, we quickly grew, and before we knew it, 184 Mrs. Winner’s locations had opened. And yes, we know what you’re thinking – the meals at our family reunions sure are tasty.

Like any strong family, we’ve had our hard times, too, but no matter what came our way, we kept our tradition alive. Realizing the importance of keeping the family strong, a small group of franchisees kept the family name alive through every storm.

In 2012, a new chapter opened when a fresh group of owners came to Mrs. Winner’s. Our family has gained new life and we want you to come along for the ride. Will you join us? Together we’ll grow the family once again, and bring the joy of delicious chicken and biscuits to our friends all across the southeast.